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When Dental Extractions Are The Best Option Left

  • December 11, 2016

When Dental Extractions Are The Best Option Left

Do you need to have a tooth removed? Call us today at 231-366-4182 and schedule your next appointment. Our dentists have advanced training needed to know how to save your teeth. That said, there are times when dental extractions are the best option left. In those cases, you will work with dentists who can do that safely.

What Can Happen Without A Dental Extraction

It can be tempting to ignore a tooth that needs to come out. (If you can. Many times, such a tooth hurts a lot.) However, there are several risks with leaving that tooth in your mouth, including:

  • Breaking the tooth at the root
  • Continuing to feel a toothache (that can get worse)
  • Deterioration of the bone tissue in your jaw
  • An infection that spreads throughout your body
  • That’s why dental extractions are sometimes necessary. Again, our team will do everything we can to save your teeth. But a dental extraction can sometimes be just the treatment you need to stay healthy.

    How Community Shores Dental Can Help

    Our team understands you can have some anxiety over a dental extraction. Thankfully, we can help.

  • Local anesthetic can numb the entire area
  • Our dentists combine years of experience with extensive training
  • You can get several forms of dental sedation such as nitrous oxide or IV sedation

By calling our Norton Shores, MI dental office today, you can finally get that tooth removed without discomfort or anxiety.

Good Reasons Behind Dental Extractions

– You have gum disease that will make a tooth fall out soon.

Gum disease is when harmful bacteria infect your gum tissue. This causes several problems, including making your gums recede from teeth and deteriorating your jawbone. When these happen, your teeth will eventually fall out. A dental extraction is often needed to control the extraction. If you’re going to lose the tooth anyway, at least have it done safely.

Call us today at 231-366-4182 and schedule a dental exam. Our dentists are trained in spotting and treating gum disease. If you cannot get to use in time, they can help remove a tooth.

– You have an infected tooth and could not get a root canal in time.

The same bacteria behind gum disease can sometimes slip inside a tooth. There, they infect your dental pulp. You usually know this is happening when you get chronic toothaches. A root canal can remove the infection, but some people wait too long. If the infection spreads too far in the dental pulp, that tooth cannot be saved and must be removed.

By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment to identify and treat such infections. While our dentists can certainly extract a tooth safely for you, they’d much rather save it with a root canal.

– You were born with extra teeth, and your smile is overcrowded.

You know how complex the human body is. Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. For some people, that means they either have baby teeth that never fell out or too many permanent teeth. Either way, you can have a smile that’s overcrowded. It doesn’t look good and can make it easier for food to get stuck between your teeth.

That’s why calling our Norton Shores, MI dental office today is so important. Until you have those extra teeth removed, the problems will not get any better. Thankfully, our dentists have expertise and skill in using dental extractions in situations like these.

– Your wisdom teeth are creating big problems for your smile.

Your third molars (also called wisdom teeth) often create problems when they finally come in. Many times, they come in underneath your second molars. This can push all your teeth out of alignment and hurt those second molars. Other times, wisdom teeth get impacted. Not every wisdom tooth needs to be removed, but most do.

Call us TODAY at 231-366-4182. With their extensive training and experience, the dentists at Community Shores Dental can safely remove a tooth that needs to come out. This can make a huge difference in your smile and dental health. With local anesthetic and dental sedation, your dental extraction can be quite easy to tolerate.

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