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Trudenta For Getting Rid Of Chronic Migraines & TMJ

  • February 11, 2017

Trudenta For Getting Rid Of Chronic Migraines & TMJ

If you have problems with headaches and migraines, it could be related to TMJ problems. Thankfully, you can call our Norton Shores, MI dental office today at 231-366-4182 to schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment. Our dentists are trained in the revolutionary TruDenta system. It combines pain diagnosis with high-tech solutions such as ultrasound and laser therapies. Those migraines can soon be a distant memory.

Why Your Jaw Might Be Causing Migraines

TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joints.” They’re the joints near your ears that control your jaw. Whenever you laugh, talk, eat, or drink, you depend on your TMJ. That’s a lot of responsibility for one joint. It’s also why you have big problems when your TMJ gets damaged.

As with your knees or wrists, your jaw joints can get sore and overworked. The muscles there get damaged, creating a laundry list of problems. That’s because the muscles in your TMJ are connected with other muscles nearby. Pain in one set can easily travel to another set.

If you have any of the following issues, you might have TMJ disorder:

  • Stiffness or pain when moving your jaw.
  • Neck and shoulder muscle pain.
  • Pain in your back.
  • Earaches and ringing in the ears.
  • Your jaw gets stuck sometimes.
  • Popping or clicking noises when you chew.

One of the more serious signs of TMJ disorder is a headache or migraine. People who suffer from TMJ pain can also have chronic headaches, again because the muscles are all interconnected. These headaches can change into migraines that can be debilitating.

Trudenta For TMJ & Migraine Help

TruDenta is a high-tech, modern treatment for TMJ disorder and the migraines it causes. There are two parts to this treatment.

The first stage is to identify the specific cause of your pain. Sure, it’s because your TMJ are not working properly. But TruDenta gets more specific than that. TruDenta scans how your teeth come together when you bite, measures your jaw’s range of motion, and examines your muscles and medical history.

Our dentists have the advanced training needed to analyze this data and determine the source of your pain and migraines. Once determined, it’s time to treat your pain.

TruDenta offers four different treatment options. Which is best for you depends on what the diagnosis and data show.

  • Ultrasound: Sound waves can be used to stimulate your TMJ muscles. This alleviates tension and increases blood flow to help your muscles heal naturally.
  • Dental laser: A painless laser is used to decrease your TMJ pain, improve the range of motion for your jaw, and help the TMJ heal.
  • Electrocurrent: This uses a weak electric impulse to reduce inflammation around your TMJ and stimulate the nerves found there.
  • Trigger point therapy: Here, our dentists stimulate the nerves in a way that reduces tension and soreness there.

Our dentists can also treat TMJ disorder and the migraines it causes through a dental splint. This is a small device you wear over your teeth at night. Think of a mouthguard but smaller.

A dental splint takes pressure off your TMJ while you sleep. That’s when your joints and muscles should be relaxing so they can heal naturally. If you have TMJ disorder, you’re probably clenching your jaw at night without realizing it. This added stress prevents your jaw joints from getting the rest they need to stay healthy.

By taking pressure off your jaw joints at night, they finally get the rest they need. As your TMJ begin to heal properly, your migraines can lessen and even disappear.

Call us TODAY at 231-366-4182 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment for TMJ treatment. TruDenta is a revolutionary system for TMJ and migraine treatment, and it’s not found in every dentist’s office. Our team chose TruDenta because it works.

The sooner you call our Norton Shores, MI dental office, the sooner you can get help for your migraines and TMJ disorder

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