Susan R.

When I came here, my teeth were literally falling out. My gums were receding and bleeding. There crowns were … all these crowns were just dropping out of my hand. It’s amazing. There’s no pain now. I can eat. I can smile. That’s important because I like to laugh, and I like to smile. This is a complete implant, all of it. The whole thing took four in a half hours, and I can’t remember any of it.

He was very careful bout making sure that when I came in I was comfortable, relaxed. He had two people from a lab here and his assistants and I don’t remember any of it. I don’t remember the teeth being removed. They’re great here, they’re very nice and accommodating. It’s enjoyable coming here.

Believe me coming to a dentist, I use to take Valium to walk through the door. I like this place. He makes sure that I’m comfortable, that’s important. He said, he’d stick with me through the whole procedure, and he has. He’s made me very comfortable.