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Root Canals

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The main reason that people are afraid of root canals, oftentimes, is because they have heard that it's painful. It's, typically speaking, not the case. Most of the pain associated with root canals usually is because a patient already has a toothache. The word 'root canal,' the existing toothaches, they go together. The procedure itself is not painful. The end result is really what people are looking for, which is to be able to keep their teeth.

While many people think of root canal therapy as a painful experience, this idea simply is not true. Our Norton Shores, MI dentist and team at Community Shores Dental offers safe, comfortable root canal therapy that will help you regain good oral health AND get rid of any discomfort! There is no need to be afraid of a root canal … but even if you are, we can still help you!

Below we have provided some essential information about root canal therapy. If you have any additional concerns about the procedure or your own oral health, please contact our Norton Shores, MI dentist. Community Shores Dental will be happy to help you.

Eliminate Pain With Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a process designed to help eliminate your toothache and restore your oral health. If you have a dental infection, we can eradicate the infection, eliminate your pain, and restore your tooth’s health and structural integrity. If left untreated, an infected tooth can eventually die and fall out! To save the life of your infected tooth, a root canal is necessary.

You may have a dental infection if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain when chewing
  • Swollen gums near a sore tooth
  • A small, pimple-like bump near a sore tooth
  • Any other sign of infection

The Root Canal Process

The root canal process is very simple and routine with today’s technology. First, we will gently access the interior of the tooth. We will then remove all infected dental pulp and the connecting nerves. This process will effectively eliminate your tooth’s ability to feel pain. Next, we will fill the now-empty tooth with a putty-like substance called gutta-percha before sealing it. Finally, we will cap the sealed tooth with a crown to restore its structural integrity and protect it from future damage. When the procedure is complete, you will have a strong, healthy tooth that is free of pain for the rest of your life!

Will Root Canal Hurt?

Root canals do not hurt! In fact, they are designed to eliminate your pain! With modern anesthesia, we can complete your root canal completely comfortably. We always use a local anesthetic during treatment to numb the area, but we can also offer you dental sedation if you think you need it. We have four different types of sedation available: nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Learn more about these options by visiting our Relieving Dental Anxiety page.

Dr. Christopher Sortman has studied dentistry at University of Michigan Dental School and has completed  Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program while serving as Navy dentist.

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Do you have a tooth that you think may be infected? Let our caring, compassionate Norton Shores, MI dentist help you get the treatment you need in the most comfortable way possible. Please schedule a visit to Community Shores Dental by calling 231-366-4182 or by sending us a message using our online contact form. Either way, we will be happy to help you find a suitable date and time for your visit.

Don’t let a simple infection turn into a missing tooth! Get the root canal therapy you need today. Community Shores Dental looks forward to helping you improve your oral health.

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