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Orthodontic Care Isn’t Just For Teens

  • August 27, 2016

Orthodontic Care Isn’t Just For Teens

You’ve probably seen a commercial for a certain brand of sugary cereal in which children chide a rabbit  by telling him that this particular cereal is for kids.

If you are an adult, you may have thought something similar to yourself about orthodontic treatment. That’s just for teenagers, right?

Actually, anyone with misaligned teeth can benefit from orthodontics. While teenagers are still in the majority of orthodontic patients more and more adults trying it, too.

Just last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that the number of adult orthodontic patients risen by nearly 40 percent since 1996.

If you have been thinking about making your smile straighter, then all you need to do is contact Community Shores Dental. Our dentists offer both traditional and short-term orthodontic options for patients in Norton Shores and neighboring parts of Michigan.

Reasons To Consider Orthodontic Treatment

We will start with the most obvious one. Your smile will look nicer.

If you need proof of this, just do a Google search for best celebrity smiles. You will see picture after picture of people with straight teeth.

You may be thinking they make their livings in front of cameras. They have a bigger incentive to have nice smiles.

That may be true, but a nice smile can help anyone in any profession. A survey conducted by Kelton Research found that people with nice smiles are considered more intelligent, more successful, and more trustworthy than people who don’t have nice smiles.

We suspect those are traits that could help anyone in almost any profession.

The next reason is you may feel more confident. This is something we have seen time and time again. When someone finishes with orthodontics or another cosmetic treatment, they can’t help smiling when they see their new smile.

When you feel good about your smile, you are more likely share it with others.

Last but not least, straight teeth are easier to keep healthy. You still need to brush. You still need to floss (really, you do). You still need to come to our office for dental cleanings.

But all of those things are more effective when your teeth are straight, and one tooth doesn’t interfere with the tooth next to it.

The Traditional Way To Straighten Your Teeth

Now that you understand why you might want straight teeth, let’s consider how you can make that happen.

You always have the options of traditional braces.

If you didn’t wear braces when you were younger, then you probably had friends who did. You got to see the brackets and wires. They were kind of hard to ignore as long as they were on your friends’ teeth.

At the same time, you got to see how well they work. Traditional braces are the standard as far as results. They can be used to correct almost any alignment issue you can imagine.

It can take a little time, but the short-term discomfort can have a big payoff in the end.

Clear Alternatives

We understand that you may not want to get braces as an adult. If you are new in your career, you may not want to do anything that calls attention to your youth.

And if you are little older, you may wonder if having braces could affect your professional image with your coworkers, clients, or customers.

Fortunately, you do have others options to straighten your teeth. More recently, clear aligners have become more popular for adults (and some teens) who would like to address mild or moderate alignment issues.

We offer two brands that take similar approaches to straightening teeth. Neither Invisalign® nor ClearCorrect use brackets. Neither uses wires.

With either system, you will receive a series of aligners that are custom-designed for your teeth. As long as you wear your aligners as directed, you will change aligners every few weeks to keep your teeth moving in the right directions.

When these aligners are placed over your teeth, most people won’t notice that you have them on. You can attend meetings and make sales pitches to potential new clients without worrying that they are distracted by your braces.

This is just one of the reasons you may want to consider Invisalign or ClearCorrect. In addition to being virtually invisible, you can remove them during meals, and the treatment is generally finished faster than it would be with traditional braces.

Learn More About Your Options

If you have questions about any of our orthodontic options, call 231-366-4182 or fill out our online form to request an appointment with one of our dentists in Norton Shores, MI.

We can examine your teeth to help you determine which of our orthodontic options will work best for you.

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