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Learn The Real News About Painless Root Canals

  • June 1, 2017

Learn The Real News About Painless Root Canals

Everyone has heard about root canals. They’re extremely painful, right? Actually, that’s a bit of fake news. In other words, it’s it NOT true that root canals are very painful. In fact, the real painful thing about a root canal is not getting one when it’s needed.

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What Do Root Canals Even Do?

The reason root canals exist is because your teeth can get an infection inside them.

Your mouth is home to some harmful bacteria. They are the reason you can get cavities and gum disease. But if a cavity gets too deep, or if you crack a tooth, some of those bacteria can slip past the enamel and get inside the tooth.

This is where your dental pulp can be found. It’s home to all the blood vessels and nerve endings for the tooth. Once you get a bacterial infection there, two things happen:

  • You get a powerful toothache as the infection keeps triggering those nerves.
  • Your tooth begins to starve, and your enamel begins to get weak and brittle.

If you have a toothache or recently had a bad accident to your teeth, you need to call our Norton Shores dentists to schedule a dental exam. Digital X-rays can spot any infection and tell you if you need a root canal procedure or not.

Root Canal Procedures Are Simple

Although every root canal is tailored a bit for each person, the root canal procedure is pretty standard and routine for our expertly trained dentists. Here’s what yours would probably look like:

  • You start by having digital X-rays taken to find exactly where the infection is.
  • The tooth is cleaned and prepared by our team.
  • The area is made numb with a local anesthetic.
  • Your Norton Shores dentist makes a small opening in the tooth.
  • Using specialized training and technology, the infection is gently and carefully removed.
  • An inert material called gutta percha is used to fill the space left behind.
  • You get a dental crown on that tooth to keep it strong and protected.

The Real News About Root Canals

You know about fake news these days. Sadly, it affects dentistry as well. Here are some of the most common bits of fake news about root canals and the truth for each.

FAKE NEWS: Root canals lead to health problems like cancer.
REAL NEWS: Root canals remove infections, not spread them.

A long time ago, one dentist published a study. In it, he claimed that root canal procedures caused all kinds of health problems, including cancer. Of course, his study was soon debunked because he used bad science. These days, dentists know the truth — a root canal removes an infection, so it makes you healthier.

FAKE NEWS: Root canals cause a tooth to weaken.
REAL NEWS: It’s the infection that causes the tooth to weaken.

Some people thought that root canals weaken teeth because, once you’re done, you do have a weak tooth. However, that’s putting the cart before the horse. Because the infection attacks the dental pulp, the enamel cannot get nutrients from your blood vessels.

That’s what makes a tooth weak, not the root canal instead. And a root canal procedure ends with a dental crown to make sure the tooth is strong.

FAKE NEWS: Root canals are very painful.
REAL NEWS: Modern root canals can be painless.

This is easily the most stubborn piece of fake news out there about root canals. They might have been painful a long time ago, but modern root canals are comfortable. That’s because the tooth and surrounding area are numbed by a local anesthetic. Plus, our Norton Shores dentists have advanced training in root canal procedures to do them carefully and safely.

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