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Home Preparations For A Smoother Oral Surgery Visit

  • April 11, 2017

Home Preparations For A Smoother Oral Surgery Visit

That nagging toothache won’t go away? Are your wisdom teeth giving you problems? There are several reasons why oral surgery might be needed. Most of all, leaving those problems alone can just make things much worse.

Call us today at 231-366-4182. At our Norton Shores, MI dental office, oral surgery is routine. That’s because our dentists are highly trained and experienced. But there are a few things you can do at home to better prepare for your oral surgery procedure.

When Oral Surgery Is Best

There are many dental treatments that repair and restore your teeth. Dental crowns, root canals, and dental veneers can all do that. But there are times when there’s no other treatment than oral surgery to get your smile where it needs to be.

Here are some of the problems where you’ll need oral surgery:

  • You have gum disease, and a tooth is getting ready to fall out.
  • One or more wisdom teeth are giving you problems.
  • A tooth has a cavity so big that the tooth cannot be saved.
  • An injury has damaged a tooth severely enough to require being removed.
  • You are getting a dental implant to replace a lost tooth.
  • Your gums have receded and you need a gum graft.

By calling Community Shores Dental today, you can make an appointment with dentists who have been helping people with oral surgery for years. In the end, what you need is a pain-free, healthy smile. With the right oral surgery procedure, you can get just that.

What You Can Do At Home Before Oral Surgery

Again, oral surgery here is routine. That said, there are some preparations you can make at home to help your appointment and recovery go more smoothly.

Read all instructions thoroughly at least one day before.

You’ll likely get some instructions from our team about what to do (or not do) before your oral surgery appointment. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly read these at least a day beforehand. That’s because this will give you enough time to call us at 231-366-4182 and ask us to clarify anything. Besides, the last thing you need is to realize the morning of your oral surgery procedure that you should have done something important the night before.

Do not eat or drink (other than water) starting eight hours before your appointment.

As with any surgical procedure, you need to have an empty stomach when you show up. That’s why you’ll need to avoid all food and drinks for eight hours before your appointment begins (and not when you think the procedure will start). You can always drink plain water and take prescription medication. Just skip the snacks.

Line up some shows, movies, or games to pass the time while resting.

After you get home, you’ll probably need some time off to relax. This helps your mouth heal faster from the oral surgery procedure. But there’s only so many naps you can take. Make sure you line up some stuff to keep your mind busy before you leave the house. These can include TV shows, movies, games, and books.

Get some food that is bland and soft.

You cannot simply skip eating, but that can be tough when you just had oral surgery. Anything that’s spicy, chewy, or tough can aggravate your mouth. That’s why you need to go out the day before and stock up on yogurt, mashed potatoes, and other foods that are soft and bland. This way, you can keep up your strength without irritation or pain.

Lay out comfortable clothes and leave jewelry behind.

Your oral surgery shouldn’t take too long, but you will be lying back in one of our chairs for a bit. The night before, lay out some comfortable clothes to wear during your appointment. In addition, make sure you skip makeup and jewelry. You can leave rings on, of course, but please take out any earrings, necklaces, or facial piercings. These can actually get in the way during oral surgery.

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