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Helping Your Removable Dentures Last

  • October 21, 2016

Helping Your Removable Dentures Last

If you’re missing teeth, removable dentures are an effective and more affordable way to replace them. But do you want them to last? Then call us today at 231-366-4182. Our dental team is trained in helping removable dentures last a long time for you.

Why Removable Dentures Are Still Around

Dentures are still around because they still work great. You get a set of beautiful replacement teeth in a gum-colored base. This rests gently over your gums. With the help of a special adhesive and the shape of the base, your removable dentures stay on your gums.

Nothing lasts forever. That doesn’t mean you can’t try, though. If you don’t take proper care of your removable dentures, you could have problems with:

  • Stains and discoloration
  • Sore gums
  • Gum disease
  • Movement in your mouth
  • Falling out unexpectedly

That’s why calling Community Shores Dental is so important. With the help of our highly trained staff, you can keep your removable dentures without a problem for 10 years or more.

Keeping Your Removable Dentures For Years

Here’s how you can help make sure your removable dentures can last a long time.

– Submerge your dentures in water when not being used.

Dentures are designed specifically to say wet. After all, that’s what it’s like in your mouth most of the time. By designing your removable dentures to withstand all of that moisture, they can last much longer. When you remove your dentures, keep them submerged in water. Letting them stay uncovered for a few minutes is fine, but not for very long.

Call us today for an appointment. Our dentists can examine your dentures and make sure there is no damage or changes by drying out too much. This can help your dentures feel more comfortable as well.

– Take removable dentures out each night.

Removable dentures rest on your gums. That’s a good thing because it’s what keeps your dentures in place. However, your gums need a break after a day of dentures. Take your removable dentures out before you go to bed each night. Don’t forget to keep them submerged in water.

By calling our Norton Shores, MI dental office today, you can schedule an appointment to get removable dentures. If you already have them, our dentists can make sure they fit well and help you chew and talk. After all, that’s why you got dentures in the first place.

– Handle your dentures carefully.

Dentures are made to withstand the pressure that comes from biting and chewing. However, that doesn’t mean your dentures are indestructible. If you’re not careful, you could drop or damage them.

If you did, do not worry. Call us at 231-366-4182 today and explain what happened. Our dentists are well-trained in helping patients with removable dentures. You can soon walk out of our office with a full arch of replacement teeth once again.

– Only use cold or warm water with your removable dentures.

Very hot or boiling water helps you get rid of germs and bacteria. Doesn’t that mean it good for your dentures? No, because all of that heat could warp your removable dentures. Stick with cold or warm water whenever possible.

Our dentists have worked with removable dentures for many years. We know how to help them stay put and last longer. By calling our Norton Shores, MI dental office today, you can meet with our dentists and check to see how your removable dentures are holding up.

– Clean your removable dentures every night.

No, your dentures won’t get cavities. But they can get stained. They can even start to smell. That’s why cleaning your dentures daily is so important. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly with cold or warm water before putting them back in.

If you need to replace teeth more affordably, call us today for removable dentures. They can give you back the smile you deserve.

– Make an appointment with our Norton Shores, MI dental office for every six months.

Regular appointments are still very important when you have removable dentures. Gum disease is still a concern, and your dentures might need small adjustments to help them fit comfortably but snugly on your gums.

Call us TODAY at 231-366-4182 for your next appointment for removable dentures. You need to replace your missing teeth. Until you call, you’ll continue to have an incomplete smile. Thankfully, our dentists have the advanced training and skill needed to help you enjoy a complete smile with removable dentures.

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