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Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Ruin Your Smile

  • July 11, 2017

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Ruin Your Smile

Going to the dentist is something you need to do, so it’s normal if you’re not exactly excited about it. But if you fear going to the dentist and start skipping your needed appointments, then that’s not so normal. More importantly, it’s a bad thing.

As with most problems, something wrong with your teeth or gums will only get worse if you ignore it. What starts out as a small cavity or sore gums can transform into a root canal or gum disease. The longer you wait, the more complicated (and expensive) any treatment will become. But with dental anxiety, that doesn’t matter. You just cannot get things done.

Thankfully, our Norton Shores dentists can help with sedation dentistry. Call our Norton Shores, MI dental office at 231-366-4182 to make your next appointment. With the help of some nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or more, you can finally feel relaxed enough to get the dental care you need.

Where Dental Anxiety Comes From

There are many different kinds of dental anxiety. While it can be some kind of paralyzing fear, it’s more often something that allows you to make excuses so you don’t have to go. Maybe you have to work, or money’s tight, and you use that to cancel your appointment. Then you never get the energy to call and make a new one.

Again, that will only give problems time to grow out of control. Here’s why people can sometimes have dental anxiety.


Dental offices can be scary to children just because they’re full of strange people, equipment, and sounds. But childhood memories can have a lasting impact on you. If you had some bad visits when you were very young, they could give you dental anxiety today.


Some people (like parents) are always “on”. They have to be busy and active most of the time, and they’re very used to doing things themselves. So when they have to lie back in a chair and let other people do all the work, that can induce some dental anxiety.


Sometimes, it’s what you don’t know that can create dental anxiety. Cavities and gum disease can happen without you knowing it. If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, you might be anxious about what our dentists will find.

Sedation Dentistry To Help You Relax

When you have dental anxiety, those concerns and worries can make it hard to visit a dental office. That’s why our Norton Shores dentists are trained to offer four types of sedation dentistry.


Also known as laughing gas, you will breathe this in through a small mask you wear over your nose. It induces a relaxed feeling as soon as you start breathing it in. Nitrous oxide is great when you only have a little dental anxiety, and it wears off almost as soon as the treatment is finished.


This is a small pill you take about one hour before your appointment. It’s a stronger level of dental sedation, so you will need someone to drive you to and from our Norton Shores, MI dental office. However, oral conscious sedation makes you feel more relaxed. Most patients will be awake which is why this is called conscious sedation.


Here, you’ll receive a strong sedative through an IV in your vein. It’s a strong sedative, and you will most likely fall asleep at some point during the procedure. But if you have severe dental anxiety, this can be just what you need to get the treatments you deserve.


This dental sedation is the strongest you can get. It’s normally reserved for oral surgery, so you can talk to our dentists about whether this is right for you. With general anesthesia, you will have no memories of the dental treatment.

Call us TODAY at 231-366-4182 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment. Our Norton Shores dentists are well trained and experienced with sedation dentistry so you can beat that anxiety and get the care you need.

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