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Dental Implants Are A Fortunate Fluke For You

  • March 11, 2017

Dental Implants Are A Fortunate Fluke For You

Are you not liking that empty gap in your smile? Are you tired of feeling like hiding that smile so no one knows you are missing a tooth? A lost tooth can mean more than just a cosmetic issue.

Call our Norton Shores, MI dental office today at 231-366-4182 and schedule an appointment for a dental implant. Because our dentists are highly trained in this restorative dentistry treatment, you can soon have a smile you’ll be happy to show others.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been around in some form for a long time. The ancient Mayans experimented with using seashells and hard minerals as a way to replace missing teeth. Obviously, these didn’t work very well.

Today’s dental implants are the closest you can get to regrowing a lost tooth. Each comes with three parts:

  • 1. A replacement tooth that looks and feels like a real one.
  • 2. A titanium tooth root that mimics your real one.
  • 3. An abutment that connects the two. (This way, if you need a new replacement tooth for any reason, you won’t have to take out the root.)

This setup helps you chew, talk, and look normal. But the artificial root also provides extra stability and helps your jawbone stay strong and healthy. That’s why you need to call Community Shores Dental today for an appointment. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

A Fortunate Fluke

Although dentists always had some kind of dental implant procedure, it wasn’t until a fluke in a lab happened that modern dental implants became so useful.

A scientist studying how bones work implanted some small titanium rods into a leg bone. Once he collected his data, he found the titanium had fused with the bone. No other metal does this, so it was a fortunate accidental discovery.

Dentists saw the possibilities and began using titanium for the artificial roots that come with dental implants. Sure enough, the jawbone would fuse with the artificial root. This gave dental implants the same strength and stability as natural teeth, making them perfect for replacing missing teeth.

How Dental Implants Benefit You

Here are the specific ways dental implants can help when you’re missing a tooth.

Dental implants keep your jawbone healthy.

Your jawbone needs roots. When you chew, pressure travels down your natural teeth’s roots and stimulated the bone tissue there. This stimulation keeps the bone strong. If you lose that stimulation, your bone tissue in the jaw begins to weaken.

Thankfully, you can call us at 231-366-4182 and make an appointment for a dental implant. Since they include artificial roots, they bring that stimulation and help keep your jawbone healthy.

Dental implants improve your confidence.

It can be hard to feel confident speaking with others (individually or a group) when you know that dark space is in your smile. You know you don’t look as good as you can, so you can get worried about it.

Call our Norton Shores, MI dental office today and get a dental implant. Once your smile is complete, you’ll get your confidence back. Plus, the dental implant will look so natural that people will have a very hard time even knowing it’s not one of your original teeth.

Dental implants last 20 years or more.

You want your dental restoration to last. Not only do you want to avoid paying for it again soon, you want the piece of mind that comes with knowing your dental restoration is here to stay.

By calling Community Shores Dental today, you can get a dental implant that should last you 20 years or longer.

Dental implants require no special care or maintenance.

Some dental work requires that you make some changes to your lifestyle. For example, having braces means you need to avoid certain foods and use a special tiny brush to help keep them clean.

Thankfully, dental implants are so much like real teeth that you won’t have to do anything different. Just brush, floss, and visit us every six months like you already do.

Call us TODAY at 231-366-4182 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment for dental implants.

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