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Cosmetic Dentistry So Your Smile Is Ready For Summer

  • May 21, 2017

Cosmetic Dentistry So Your Smile Is Ready For Summer

Finally, the Michigan weather is turning warmer and the skies are blue again. Spring is about done, and summer is almost here. People have been working on their summer bodies for months now. That’s because they want to look good for all the parties and activities around the summer months.

But how you will enjoy those activities when you’re worried about how you smile looks? If your teeth are stained, damaged, or irregular, then you might feel embarrassed to smile. That’s why you need to call our Norton Shores, MI dental office today at 231-366-4182 and schedule cosmetic dentistry.

Why Summer Needs A Great Smile

The thing about summer is it’s a great chance to make memories that last a long time. You probably still remember something about family trips when you were a child. These days, there will also be a ton of photos and videos to help those memories stick.

If you head into these events with an unsightly smile, those stained and damaged teeth will also be remembered. Here are some specific events where those memories should be with a healthy-looking smile.

  • Weddings: Many couples get married in summer when the weather works and people have time off. Even if you’re not in the wedding, how do you want your smile to look in all those photos?
  • Reunions: Summer is a great time for class and family reunions. This is often the only time you meet these people. How will your smile look to them?
  • Vacations: Lots of families take trips over the summer when the kids have a break from school. When looking back at old photos and videos, what kind of smile do you want showing up?
  • Barbecues: Memorial day, 4th of July, or just a get-together in the backyard, summer is home to many barbecues and picnics. How do you want your smile looking to all the friends and family that gather there?

Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Summer Smile

Thankfully, you can call Community Shores Dental today at 231-366-4182 and schedule cosmetic dentistry treatments. Our dentists are both highly trained and experienced in helping transform unsightly smiles into something you’ll be proud to show off at summer events. Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments available at our Norton Shores, MI dental office.


After years of drinking tea, wine, and coffee, it’s no wonder that your teeth are starting to lose their luster. But the brownish stains these leave behind won’t go away on their own, leaving you with a dark and dingy smile. Professional teeth whitening from our Norton Shores, MI dental office will brighten your smile in time for all those wedding shots.


Teeth whitening is very helpful, but it cannot help with chips or small gaps between your teeth. These can make your smile look painful — and make you look older at your reunion. Instead of dealing with that embarrassment, you can get dental veneers. These thin shells cover the front of your teeth, hiding all damage and stains.


A more affordable option to dental veneers, tooth bonding helps with stains and damaged teeth. Here, our dentists flow a tooth-colored resin over your teeth. Once smoothed out, it fills in chips and cracks in your enamel. It’s also thick enough to hide stains, as once it dries, it looks like healthy enamel.


Those old metal fillings look really out of place in your smile. They do the job of repairing tooth decay, but thanks to modern dentistry, you can get something better. At our Norton Shores, MI dental office, you can get tooth-colored composite fillings instead. These work just as well, but they will be color-matched to the tooth they repair. That way, they blend in.


When making your smile look its best, you can’t forget about your gums. If they have gotten damaged or irritated, they can recede from your teeth. This makes your teeth look unusually long. Instead of dealing with it, you can get gum recession therapy. With the use of gum grafts, our dentists can move your gumline down so your smile looks normal again.

Call us TODAY at 231-366-4182 or use our convenient online form to schedule cosmetic dentistry before those summer events start popping up. That way, you can show up to weddings, vacations, and more with a smile you want people to see.

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