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Conscious Sedation Can Cure These 4 Problems

  • September 16, 2016

Conscious Sedation Can Cure These 4 Problems

There’s a difference between not looking forward to something and dreading it. You might not look forward to hosting a birthday party at your home, but you know your kids will love it. The same is true for dentistry. You might not look forward to a dental cleaning or dental exam, but you know you need to do it. However, there are people who dread going to the dentist. Not only is that unfortunate, it can prevent you from getting the dental care you need. To help with that, you can get conscious sedation at our Norton Shores, MI dental office.

What Is Conscious Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation is when you use a sedative to get past anxiety and concerns. It’s not exactly pain relief like you get from local anesthesia. Sedation takes away the worries that can make you feel so uncomfortable that you want to skip needed appointments. The anxiety is just too much.

At our Norton Shores, MI dental office, you can get several types of sedation. One of the favorites is conscious dental sedation. This is done through nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral medication. They are called conscious sedation because you normally stay awake through the procedure. This way, our dentists can ask you questions and check to make sure you’re doing fine. Yet it will still melt away your anxiety so you can have a relaxing visit.

Problems Helped By Dental Sedation

Problem: You’re worried about your next visit because it’s been too long since you’ve gone to a dentist.

It becomes a downward spiral. You miss one of your twice-yearly appointments for a dental cleaning and dental exam. When another six months pass, you need to visit — but you feel embarrassed. What if they lecture you? Will they exam your teeth and start judging? You miss that one too. In six months, you obviously can’t go because now you missed two appointments. This tends to build, making it harder and harder to visit the dentist’s office.

The entire team at our Norton Shores, MI dental office knows that pressure. You will never hear a lecture from us. We just want to help your family have great teeth and gums. Conscious sedation can help as well. When you are relaxed, you won’t be worrying about it.

Problem: You had a bad experience as a kid at a dentist’s office.

When you’re a child, even normal things can be scary. You’re still trying to figure out how the world works. So many new people and experiences can be overwhelming. Some people had experiences like that when they went to their childhood dentist’s office. The place was full of strangers and weird noises. Even if the dental treatment itself went fine, the whole experience could have been bad.

Cut to years later. As an adult, you don’t worry like that. However, the memories can intrude on your life and color your current experiences. You might know visiting the dentist is fine, but you could still have some anxiety over it. This is where conscious dental sedation can help. By getting rid of the anxiety, those bad memories can finally go away.

Problem: You never had a bad experience, but someone you know had one.

Even if you have never had a bad experience at another dentist’s office, you could still be worried because you heard a story. You could have a friend who had a bad dental visit, and you heard all of the details whether you wanted to or not. You could also have just watched a TV show or read a book that featured a bad dental experience. Either way, you start to get anxious about going yourself.

Conscious sedation works with this scenario too. Whether you go with nitrous oxide or oral medication, your concerns will be replaced by a deep, relaxed feeling. Yet you’ll be awake so you can start building up good memories of your experience at our Norton Shores, MI dental office.

Problem: You hate sitting for so long in the chair.

Maybe you’re a very active person and you hate the idea of sitting back for so long. Maybe you’re already a desk jockey and you’re tired of sitting. When you go to the dentist, you know you’ll have to sit in the chair while other people work on your mouth during a dental cleaning, dental exam, or more. That itself could generate some worry. Will you be OK with sitting for so long?

With this, conscious dental sedation will help. Once nitrous oxide or oral medication induces such a relaxed state, you won’t care how long you have to sit for. You’ll just sit back and feel calm — and get much-needed dental work done in no time.

If you have any anxiety, concerns, or worries about seeing the dentist, call us today at 231-366-4182. Conscious sedation can be just what you need to feel relaxed and get the dental treatments you both need and deserve.

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