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Composite Fillings Can Restore Smiles

  • August 19, 2016

Composite Fillings Can Restore Smiles

If you have a cavity, eventually you will know it. Your tooth may start to develop a yellow, brown, or black spot. It might even hurt a bit.

The location of this tooth decay can affect how soon you notice it. It also can affect what you do about it.

At Community Shores Dental, our dentists don’t want anyone to get a cavity in Norton Shores or any nearby Michigan community. Nevertheless, health statistics show that more than 90 percent of adults will have at least one cavity in their lives.

If that time should come for you — or if it already has — we encourage you to call us to ask about our composite dental fillings.

Go Incognito

When you have a cavity, it can affect your smile. That black or brown spot can really stand out on your tooth when you smile or when you speak to someone.

That is probably not the kind of attention you want.

You know you will need to remove the decay to restore the function of your tooth, and there are multiple ways you can do that.

The most expensive option would be to get a gold filling. Gold has been used in dentistry for several decades. It can fill in the hole so your tooth can function as it was meant to once again.

Amalgam fillings are a less expensive alternative. These fillings are made from a blend of metals, typically mercury along with copper, silver, tin, or more than one of those three. From a functional standpoint, this works about as well as a gold filling.

There is something else that both of these filling materials have in common. They are both made of metals. that can add a metallic glint to your smile, which may not be the look that you are going for.

It also serves as a reminder to you and informs people that you meet that you once had a cavity right there!

if you would rather keep the location of your cavity to yourself, then we would recommend composite fillings, like the ones we offer in our practice.

Composite fillings are sometimes called white fillings or tooth-colored fillings because they closely match the color of natural teeth.

The provide the same function as gold or amalgam fillings, yet they don’t become a distraction for other people.

The Replacements

At this time, you should expect to have your filling replaced at some point. More than likely, you will need to do this more than once during your life.

As effective as fillings are, they don’t last forever.

Sometimes they crack. Sometimes they chip. Sometimes they just get worn down.

And other times, they slowly separate from your tooth and fall out.

All of these are reasons to replace your old fillings with a new one. When that time comes, we would welcome the opportunity to give you one of our composite fillings.

Now, your fillings should last for years a time, but you should stay aware of their condition.

This includes checking your filling from time to time, but it also includes routine dental visits. In addition to cleaning your teeth, we examine your mouth for any potential problems. If we notice that your filling is showing signs of wear and tear, we will let you know so you can take action to replace it.

As you know, the bacteria that live in your mouth are microscopic. They only need a small opening to start forming a new cavity. If this is happening inside your original cavity, then brushing your teeth is not going to remove it.

It’s better to replace your filling at the first sign of trouble than to take a chance that you might lose more of your tooth to decay.

It’s also important to keep in mind that each time your filling is replaced, you will lose a little more of your tooth in the process. If you had a large cavity initially, then you may reach a point when a filling won’t be enough. In those cases, we may recommend a dental crown instead.

On the positive side, a crown is a more durable, longer-lasting restorative treatment than fillings are.

Keep Your Cavities to Yourself

You may have had a cavity, but that doesn’t mean everyone you meet needs to know about it. You can get a composite dental filling at Community Shores Dental and conceal the location of your former tooth decay.

To learn more about our fillings or to make an appointment to get one, call 231-366-4182 or contact our dentist office online if you live in Norton Shores or a nearby Michigan community.

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