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Compiling Your Dental Emergency Kit

  • December 15, 2017

Compiling Your Dental Emergency Kit

Don’t wait for a dental disaster to strike to be prepared – learn how to handle dental trouble so you can act fast, stay calm, and do everything you can to make your situation more manageable. If you have a dental emergency and are in pain, call Community Shores Dental at 231-366-4182 immediately!

In the vast majority of cases, we can provide a same-day appointment at our Norton Shores, MI dentist office for patients in need of emergency dentistry services. We will do everything we can to relieve your discomfort and repair your smile so it’s looking good and working great again.

As you know, accidents don’t stick to a regular schedule. To better accommodate you, we offer some extended hours that many other dentists do not. For example, we are open at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday and also stay late on Mondays and Tuesdays as well.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance, you can visit us without too much financial concern because we offer our own in-house financing options. We’ll get you the care you need now and then work with you to pay for your treatments over time. We also accept a variety of insurances and various payment options as well.

Not sure if you have a dental emergency? Swing by and see us anyway for a free consultation!

Know The Tools You Need & What To Do In A Dental Emergency

If you have a dental injury and are bleeding and unable to stop it, visit your local emergency room as soon as possible. Then, you can follow up with us for any restorative dentistry treatments that you need to get your smile back to its former glory.

How you handle the situation when you have an emergency involving your smile or any other area of your mouth is very important. The better you address things on your end and the sooner you get to our Norton Shores, MI dentist office, the better the chances are that we will be able to repair your smile.

Just like you have a basic first aid kit on hand at your house, you should also have an emergency kit for dental injuries. And if you or any of your loved ones maintain jobs or play sports where dental injuries are common, you should consider having a portable kit as well. Here are just a few items you should have on hand:

  • Gauze – to apply to the injured area to absorb any fluids and provide padding to prevent irritation as well
  • Cotton swabs – for gently wiping the affected area and for applying any medications that are needed
  • Benzocaine – to numb the area if there is discomfort
  • Ice packs – to help reduce swelling and inflammation and also to numb the area of pain
  • Nitrile gloves – to prevent contamination when you are reaching into your mouth to address the situation
  • Floss – for removing anything stuck between teeth or elsewhere in your mouth that is irritating
  • OTC pain relievers – to help manage the pain and hopefully minimize inflammation as well
  • Saline solution – for rinsing your mouth (in a pinch, warm water with a little bit of salt in it will do just fine)

If you act quickly and deliberately when you have an accident involving your teeth, gums, or any other area of your smile, you should be able to improve your chances of getting the situation taken care of in the best way possible. Of course, we’re the experts in this situation, but anything you can do before you visit our office will make treatment a little easier.

When you do arrive in need of emergency dental work, we will quickly assess your situation and come up with a treatment plan. We will also help you get out of any pain you are feeling.

To help put you at ease, we have a few comfort options, including heated massage chairs in our semi-private care rooms. We also have some dental sedation options to help you relax and relieve any dental anxiety you may be feeling. Our caring team is here to help you!

Don’t hesitate when you are in need of emergency dentistry care! Get the professional and compassionate care you need in a speedy manner by visiting Community Shores Dental. Call 231-366-4182 to book a same-day visit. You can also come by our Norton Shores, MI dentist office in person or, if your situation is less pressing, use our online form to book.

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