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The lake shore first of all. When we were in Japan living, land was very scarce and people don't have big homes because there's no land available, honestly, and so when we were thinking about moving back, I asked my wife. I said, 'Where, if any place, would you want to live?' Originally, she had never wanted to live in Michigan, always said, 'Never in Michigan.' As soon as we spent time in Japan, she was like, 'Michigan's kind of nice.' There's a lot of, it's a beautiful area.

Honestly, the lake shore is what drove us to come over here. It's just a beautiful area. It's the best side of the state. Up north is beautiful too, but the Muskegon, Grand Haven, Norton Shores area is awesome.

The specific reason why we position our practice here is because we're at a crossroads of a number of different communities. Directly to the south is Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ravenna, Muskegon to the north of us, and we're right in the middle of all of them, so we get patients from all those areas. If you position yourself on the outside of any of those areas, it's very difficult to ask people to drive that distance, so it's probably the main reason this area is appealing.

Our Norton Shores, MI dental office is home to a great staff, the latest dental technology, and patients who love the type of care we provide! Below we have posted photos of our facility to help you familiarize yourself with our practice. For more information on the services we provide, please check out our individual dental services pages.

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