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5 Instant Results You Only Get With Dental Veneers

  • September 21, 2016

5 Instant Results You Only Get With Dental Veneers

How you look is important. If you head to a parent-teacher conference, you’re going to wear something professional. You want to look your best. When you’re not happy with your smile, however, things can be a little difficult. You can’t just change your teeth.

With dental veneers, you can actually do that. These shells are shaped to fit over the front of your teeth. As with any cosmetic dentistry treatment, they give your smile a healthier, more attractive look. But dental veneers are a bit different because they instantly make things better. Here are five instant results you can expect to see when you get porcelain or Lumineers veneers from our Norton Shores, MI dental office.

5 Instant Results From Dental Veneers

1. Damage such as chips, cracks, and craters will be hidden and protected.

No matter how healthy or attractive something starts out, it can collect damage over the years. New cars collect rust and dents. A new book gets dogeared. And your smile can get chips, hairline cracks, and more. These all can make your smile look a bit run down and haggard. Worse, the damage can get worse over time.

Every time you chew, you put pressure on your teeth. Healthy teeth can withstand that. Such pressure can aggravate damage. For example, a hairline crack in your enamel usually doesn’t sit still. It grows slowly but surely.

Dental veneers will pull double duty for this case. They cover such damage. Instead of seeing chips or craters, you’ll see a healthy, normal looking tooth again. Plus, dental veneers seal up the damage. Cracks will not grow any larger, as they’ll be bonded to the dental veneers.

2. Small gaps between your teeth will be closed.

Most people get orthodontics like braces or Invisalign at some point in their life. Normally, it’d done when you’re a teenager. That’s because those years are when your teeth have almost stopped moving. The key word there is, “almost.” Teeth never actually stop moving completely. Even if you had orthodontic treatment many years ago, your once-even smile could have small gaps in it.

Before making your dental veneers, we measure your teeth exactly. That’s how you can get dental veneers that fit so well. If you have a small gap between your teeth, you can get those dental veneers made just a little bigger on one side. When placed on your teeth, they will cover over that gap. Dental veneers cannot help with large gaps, so they won’t be able to cover for a missing tooth. They can cover small but noticeable gaps between teeth so your smile looks amazing again.

3. All stains, including intrinsic ones, will be replaced by a healthy, white look.

You brush and floss. You come into our Norton Shores, MI dental office for regular dental exams and cleanings. And yet, your teeth start to turn yellow, dark, and dingy. Why? That’s because a number of foods (and tobacco) will stain your teeth. Coffee, wine, tomato sauce, even curry can leave behind tiny stains that add up over time. These stains cannot be removed by traditional cleaning methods. You’ll need something powerful like teeth whitening to help.

Dental veneers won’t lift stains, but they do the next best thing — they cover stains up with a natural, healthy look. Your dental veneers will be made to look and feel just like healthy teeth. As soon as they’re placed, your stains are gone.

4. Worn teeth will look strong and straight again.

The enamel covering your teeth is durable and strong. However, it can get damaged. Bacteria can cause cavities. Injuries can cause chips and cracks. One easily overlooked source of damage is your other teeth. When you eat, your teeth often crash together on the biting edge. For your front teeth, that’s the end of the teeth. These edges can get worn down over time.

Dental veneers can help with this as well. The edge of the veneer can be made just a little larger or angled than normal. When our dentists place them on your teeth, any worn edges will be hidden. Instead, you’ll have an even, healthy edge.

5. Crooked teeth will look straight and even.

As with gaps between your teeth, your straight smile can start to look a bit crooked even if you had orthodontics when you were younger. Again, all of the pressure from chewing over the years can easily slide some teeth out of alignment. You might have also had an accident or injury between then and now that made a tooth crooked.

Instead of placing a dental veneer on a tooth crookedly, our team can make sure the veneer is straight. Any tooth that’s a little crooked will appear straight and even again. Since just one misaligned tooth can detract from a whole smile, making that one tooth look straight can improve your whole smile.

Porcelain veneers and Lumineers will both improve your smile instantly. When your smile looks that good, you are sure to feel better. Call us today at 231-366-4182 for your next appointment for dental veneers.

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